vulnerability analysis and penetration testing

“A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.” This is a fact that attackers are increasingly taking advantage of these days when it comes to gaining access to the corporate network or accessing corporate data. This means today that systems are no longer attacked arbitrarily, but attackers invest more time in research to identify and target the weakest link in a chain, according to the motto: “maximum success with minimum effort”. In most cases, the selected target is an employee who is deliberately tricked with false information into allowing an attacker access to systems or networks. This form of attack is called social engineering, whereby the contact with the victim is usually established via classic communication media, e.g. mail, telephone, social media.  

For this reason, we have also adapted our strategy and offer footprinting for organizations. Footprinting means how an organization exposes itself on the internet. Either through its own internet activities or through private activities of employees in social networks. This is because footprinting provides attackers with a valuable basis for their attacks on the organization via individuals. If the footprint is small, it becomes more difficult for attackers to attack a company or organization via social media and people. 

We use state-of-the-art scanning and analysis technologies to analyze and, if necessary, constantly monitor our clients’ footprints, as this can provide clues to possible existing and future attacks. 

Footprint of Blueteam (as an expample)

schematic image of the footprinting service