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with world-class partners

Through our years of cooperation with leading IT security companies and hardware manufacturers and our daily work with their products, we have built world-class partnerships. Now your company can also benefit from our partnerships.

With us, you receive products from our partners as well as services around those products at the best conditions. For more information just ask us!

Palo Alto Networks

  • Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFW)
    • Sale, leasing
    • Set-up, installation and pre-setting by Blueteam experts
    • Consulting, support and training of employees by Blueteam-MA
  • Security subscriptions
  • Firewall management with Panorama
    • Also operated as “as a service” by Blueteam
  • Functions of the NGFW, including
    • Advanced Threat Protection
    • URL Protection
    • SD WAN
    • Automation
    • Machine Learning
paloalto networks company logo

Greenbone – Sustainable Resilience

  • Ultra-performant state-of-the-art vulnerability scanner
  • Hardware appliances
  • Setup, installation and pre-setting by Blueteam experts
  • Consulting and support by Blueteam-MA
  • Staff training in Greenbone administration and message handling by Blueteam-MA
  • Cloud-based Blueteam MSSP solution
  • Security subscriptions
  • Automated reporting
greenbone company logo