About blueteam

IT security is team work

BlueTeam consists of employees who together have decades of experience in all areas of security worldwide. We would be happy to provide you with details in a personal meeting. The entire know-how of our employees includes

  • server security
  • cloud security
  • Network Security
  • Building and company premises Access security
  • Implementation of Cyber Security Incident Response (CSIRT) emergency operations
  • Creation of documentation and workflows for the IT security infrastructure and its organization
  • Digital forensics in the fields of network, computer and mobile forensics
  • Building awareness campaigns and evaluating their effectiveness

All of our employees are of course security cleared and some of them have trained law enforcement agencies worldwide in various areas of security.

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ceo dr. stefan schwerdtner

We claim to provide the safest IT operation with the greatest possible freedom for users.

Dr. Stefan Schwerdtner

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